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From the time Hurricane Sandy arrived in the New York area, Catholic Charities has been providing disaster relief to those who need it. From disaster response professionals visiting parishes to deliver information and resources, to volunteers collecting and distributing food and supplies, to neighbors checking in on neighbors, the entire Catholic Charities community has responded to meet the human needs of the victims, providing help and creating hope for rebuilding lives. 

Catholic Charities BBB logoCatholic Charities Hurricane Sandy Relief and Recovery Fund (Sandy Fund)


Funds will be restricted solely to help the immediate relief and long term recovery efforts on behalf of those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Funds will be separately audited to ensure transparency and accountability.  Catholic Charities is certified by the Better Business Bureau as meeting all the standards for the acceptance and use of charitable donations. 


Items to Donate For Recovery:

Brooms (regular and push), Mops, Laundry detergent, Dehumidifiers, Duct tape, Vinegar, Extension cords, Crowbars, Scrapers, Shovels, Hammers and Sledge hammers

Latest News


4/21/14 - As Sandy Recovery Stalls, Wall Street Journal Interviews Msgr. Sullivan for Solutions

In the Wall Street Journal’s recent series uncovering shortcomings in New York City’s Sandy recovery programs, Reporter Michael Howard Saul turned to Msgr. Kevin Sullivan for insight. Frustrated Hurricane Sandy storm victims and elected officials, Mr. Saul reports, say City Hall has been heavy on promises and short on results. Read More


 12/2/13 -  Surviving Hiroshima and Hurricane Sandy, Survivor Struggles to Recover

Leaning on his black cane, Fujimoto Takashi, 64, struggles to pronounce words that convey the terror he felt the afternoon his basement apartment in Midland Beach, Staten Island, morphed into a whirlpool of chairs, refrigerator, motion and mementos. Read More

11/13/13 -  From the Philippines to New York, Help Is Here

From typhoons to hurricanes and pestilence to plagues, the Catholic Church maintains its centuries-established commitment of providing food, shelter and support for those suffering. Read More

10/30/13 -Msgr. Kevin Sullivan Reflects on Hurricane Sandy’s One-Year Anniversary

Much has been spoken and written on the one-year anniversary of Sandy. Three simple thoughts Read More

10/30/13 - Watch NY1: Find out About Catholic Charities’ New $250,000 Survivor Support Program

As we approach the season of giving, Catholic Charities announced Monday a $250,000 program to provide holiday assistance to Staten Island families that are still struggling with Hurricane Sandy.  Read More

10/29/13 - Sandy Survivors: A Year Rebuilding Lives

When Hurricane Sandy battered New York one year ago, its fierce flood waters destroyed homes, livelihoods and communities. Read More

10/28/13 - Catholic Charities Announces $250,000 Holiday Assistance for Staten Island Sandy Survivors

Staten Island families can still sign up for Disaster Relief Services to become eligible. Catholic Charities announced a $250,000 program to provide holiday assistance to Staten Island families still affected by Hurricane Sandy. Read More

10/23/13 - From the Shadows to the Light – Undocumented Family Rebuilds Their Life

When Hurricane Sandy began assaulting the Midland Beach area of Staten Island, Jesus Maria Aguilar, his wife Patricia and son Allan did not imagine the devastation that it would leave in its wake. Read More

10/21/13 - What You Need to Know About Hurricane Sandy One Year Anniversary Events

As the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches on October 29, Catholic Charities joins clergy and laity to celebrate survivors and draw attention to their remaining needs. Read More 

10/16/13 - 78-Year Old Breast Cancer Patient Beats the Odds & Hurricane Sandy

Edith DiCarmine, 78 has lived in Mahopac for over 45 years and in the same home for 42. She raised 18 foster children and adopted 4 of them 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She was unable to have children of her own but her life was dedicated to being a foster mom, nurturing, caring and loving children that so desperately needed her. Read More

10/9/13 - Many Have Forgotten Sandy Survivors’ Struggles; Day Laborers Remember and Volunteer

 The truckloads of volunteers that once filled Staten Island streets after Hurricane Sandy struck have dwindled to a halt. But while memories of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation have faded for many, the reality remains stark for Staten Island homeowners still struggling to rebuild. Read More 

10/7/13 - Hard Working People Trying to Get Back Their Life

Merline and Howard Coke have been cobbling together make-shift solutions to keep their home livable and their home daycare business functioning ever since Hurricane Sandy slammed the house they rent in Yonkers nearly a year ago. Read More 

9/26/13 - “We lost everything,” Says This Sandy Survivor. “And when I say everything I mean everything.”

Evelyn Schwabacher, 51, and her son, Dominic, 23, were left with nothing but the bags of clothes they ran out of their home with the day that Hurricane Sandy struck Staten Island. Read More 

9/17/13 - Back-To-School Gift Cards for Families Hurt by Hurricane Sandy

Reaching out to Staten Island students still suffering from Hurricane Sandy, Catholic Charities and its partners distributed 150 Back-to-School $250 Visa gift certificates last week at the Catholic Charities Community Services Center at 120 Anderson Avenue. Read More 

8/30/13 - Surviving Sandy; This Year There Are No Roses

Raindrops pour down a battered picket fence dotted with Mickey and Minnie Mouse paintings surrounding Marina Babkina’s two-story attached home in Midland Beach. Read More 


7/23/13 -You Come Into This World with Nothing and You Leave with Nothing

Wincing as he walks, Donald Marcus, 70, surveys what is left of the eight bungalows he once rented out in Midland Beach, Staten Island, that provided affordable housing for friends and strangers. Read More

7/12/13 - “Still Here” Proclaims Driftwood Sign by Sandy Survivor

 Little — in fact, nearly nothing other than the “Still Here,” driftwood sign Audrey Jill Sherry spray painted outside her hurricane-torn home — offered any hope last December that her home remained inhabited. Read More 

7/5/13 -Donors and Devastation: Connecting the Dots

Driven in on flatbed trucks, dropped off from backpacks and carted in on wagons, donations for Sandy survivors began arriving in Staten Island after Super Storm destroyed nearly everything in its wake. Read More 

7/2/13 - At Staten Island Borough Hall, Red Cross donates nearly $3 million to help NYC Sandy victims - Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The American Red Cross and Borough President James Molinaro seem to have patched up their relationship from immediately after Hurricane Sandy, as he hosted some of their top officials Tuesday at Borough Hall, where they pledged nearly $3 million in support for city families still recovering from the storm. Read More 

 6/5/13 - 'They're on the verge of giving up:' 100+ Hurricane Sandy victims turn out for help event (photos) - Staten Island Advance 

STATEN ISLAND, NY. -- Many Hurricane Sandy victims who are still trying to adjust to their "new normal" stopped by an event in Grant City Thursday to get help with their struggles to rebuild. Read More

 4/26/13 - Localized, Streamlined Support for Sandy Survivors

Chinatown political representatives joined TV correspondents and reporters at a well-attended press conference held at the Greater Chinatown Community Association (GCCA) in Manhattan’s Chinatown last week to broadcast the latest information about disaster support for Sandy survivors. Watch it on Read More

 4/18/13 - Hurricane Destroyed Home; Finally Someone “Has Her Back”

Erin Smith spends her nights at a relative’s house and her days repairing her hurricane–torn home in South Beach. She said that dealing with different government agencies after the storm was a daunting task. Read More

4/9/13 - Sandy victims to receive one-stop-shop assistance -

ALBANY – Victims of Superstorm Sandy in the counties of Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester will now be eligible for one-stop-shop assistance from the state. Read More

4/5/13 - Borowide - The state is teaming with Catholic Charities for a $38.5 million program to help Superstorm Sandy victims - New York Daily News

Borowide - The state is teaming with Catholic Charities for a $38.5 million program to help Superstorm Sandy victims, Gov. Cuomo announced this week. Read More

4/4/13 - One-stop assistance available for victims of Superstorm Sandy -

ALBANY – A $38.5 million program that New York State will oversee in conjunction with Catholic Charities that will provide over 200 service coordinators to assist individuals and families affected by Superstorm Sandy recover and access essential resources was announced on Wednesday. Read More

4/4/13 - 200 coordinators to help in NY storm recovery - CBS 6

ALBANY (AP) -- New York officials and Catholic Charities have announced a $38.5 million program to provide more than 200 coordinators to help residents hurt by Superstorm Sandy recover and get access to needed services. Read More

4/4/13 - The state teaming up with catholic charities-- to provide a one-stop shop -- for storm victims - News 12 Long Island

..of the 6 bids they received. the boardwalk--which ran from new york avenue to neptune boulevard--was destroyed by super storm sandy. more help is on the way for long islanders -- devastated by sandy. Read More

4/3/13 - Cuomo unveils $38.5 million Sandy aid program - Newsday

A new $38.5 million state program will offer residents of Nassau, Suffolk and other New York counties impacted by superstorm Sandy help navigating an array of available recovery services, officials said Wednesday. Read More

4/3/13 - Governor Cuomo Announces $38.5 Million Service Program to Help Victims of Superstorm Sandy

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $38.5 million program that New York State will oversee in conjunction with Catholic Charities that will provide over 200 service coordinators to assist individuals and families affected by Superstorm Sandy recover and access essential resources. Read More

 4/3/13 - Governor Cuomo Announces $38.5 Million Service Program to Help Victims of Superstorm Sandy

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $38.5 million program that New York State will oversee in conjunction with Catholic Charities that will provide over 200 service coordinators to assist individuals and families affected by Superstorm Sandy recover and access essential resources. Read More

4/2/13 - Electrocuted During Hurricane Sandy, Survivor Struggles to Recover. - Cross Streets

Born in Hiroshima four years after the atom bomb was dropped there, Fujimoto Takashi, 64, grew up surrounded by devastation. Yet somehow he thrived, he said, and grew to love America and all it stood for. Read More. 

 3/11/13 - People Say Hurricane Sandy Is Over. It’s Nowhere Near Over. - Cross Streets

Thirty-foot-high waves crashed through Evelyn’s street “so high, so fast that if we’d stayed another minute we would have been trapped inside,” she said, still breathing fast four months later as she related the event. Read More. 

 3/6/13 - Boos for Hurricane Sandy; Cheers for Its Victims - Cross Streets

Synchronizing flying Dutchmen’s with back flips and shouts, cheerleaders raised spirits and funds for a good cause at the 2013 Cheerleading Competition held on Saturday, March 2, at the largest youth sporting event staged every year on Staten Island. Read More.

1/28/13 - Catholic Charities Launches Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign to Collect One Million Meals for Those in Need - Cross Streets

Responding to already-strained food pantry shelves further depleted by Hurricane Sandy, Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan launched the second annual Feeding Our Neighbors campaign aimed at collecting more than one million meals for those in need.  Read More

1/23/13 - Catholic Diocese donates $1.3M for Sandy recovery

Three months after Superstorm Sandy devastated the downstate area, thousands of people are still struggling to rebuild. But now, they are getting some help thanks to a huge donation from five upstate Catholic Dioceses. More than $1.3 million was presented Wednesday to several Catholic Charities from downstate, at the Pastoral Center in Albany... Read More

1/18/13 - Catholic Charities Provides Intra-Agency Orientation for Disaster Case Management - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities New York kicked off New York State’s coordinated disaster case management (DCM) program by offering a two-day orientation and training on January 10-11 for disaster case managers, supervisors, and other key staff. This kickoff training event was held at Cardinal Spellman Center in lower Manhattan... Read More

1/15/13 - Looking to Volunteer? Sandy Survivors Need You - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities is pulling together a team of volunteers this Saturday, January 19, to help with the physical clean up of four Staten Island homes badly destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Tasks include removal of sheet rock & insulation, cleaning behind it and removal of flooring. Transportation will be provided... Read More 

1/9/13 - Staten Island's FEMA centers to close as NY state takes reins - Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- The city is gradually preparing to hand over the bulk of long-term Hurricane Sandy relief to the state and the efforts are expected to be managed by Catholic Charities. The first infusion of FEMA Sandy funding went directly to the city but the second wave is expected to be funneled through the state. However, the exact timeline for the switch-over hasn't been established, and once it starts, the transition is expected to take close to two months... Read More 

1/8/13 - Catholic Charities Provides 1000s of Holiday Meals in Hurricane-Ravaged Neighborhoods - Cross Streets

Thanks to support from the Mayor’s Fund Holiday Meal mini-grant and other generous donations, Catholic Charities provided 1,000 meals, warmth and support throughout the holiday season to those struggling in the Staten Island Hurricane Sandy Recovery Zone. Catholic Charities served dinner to 682 people including victims of Hurricane Sandy, day laborers and their families, and low-income residents and gave toys to children at the CYO Center at Anderson Avenue in Staten Island on the Friday before Christmas, December 21, 2012... Read More 

1/4/13 - “We got nothing,” He said. “We’ll take anything you can give us.” - Cross Streets

On New Year’s Eve, Catholic Charities Emergency Food Services Department enlisted our Mobile Food Pantry staff and volunteers to distribute 6,000 meals in Midland Beach, a Staten Island neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Three staff and four volunteers rose early in the morning to pack bags at our delivery location in the Bronx, while another staff member waited for 26 cases of frozen chickens to be unloaded at the distribution site in Midland Beach, St. Margaret Mary Church... Read More 

1/3/13 - Hurricane Sandy: It’s Just Stuff; Nothing Follows That Hearse - Cross Streets

When Mary Ferris’ husband, a New York City police officer, died of a heart attack at age 40, leaving the young widow with three children to raise, she felt stranded, alone and totally unprepared. She relived those feelings, she said, when Hurricane Sandy tore through the white bungalow home where she had lived for 46 years. But compared with losing her life’s partner, she said, Sandy was just a bump in the road... Read More 

12/31/12 - Providing Help and Creating Hope One House at a Time - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities volunteers Jim and Deborah Deats know firsthand of the destruction Sandy caused throughout New York. While Deborah’s house is on a hill in Concord and escaped undamaged, when she witnessed the devastation across the island, she knew she had to do something. Immediately after the storm, she traveled by car to friends and families to offer help... Read More

12/20/12 - Catholic Charities Partners With Project Hope to Help Sandy Survivors - Cross Streets

Last weekend, staff of Project Hope accompanied Catholic Charities staff and volunteers to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to help New Yorkers who had been affected by Hurricane Sandy. The New York State Office of Mental Health Project Hope Crisis Counseling Program was created in November to help families, individuals and groups impacted by the storm, offering free supportive counseling and public education services. Project Hope’s confidential services promote resilience, empowerment and recovery... Read More

12/17/12 - Hurricane Sandy Volunteer Roundup - Cross Streets

During this busy and blessed holiday season we want to express our gratitude for taking time out to help Hurricane Sandy survivors. A big thank you to all who signed up with Catholic Charities to volunteer with hurricane recovery efforts:... Read More

12/14/12 - Catholic Charities Volunteers Visit Home-Bound Seniors to Provide Help - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities staff and volunteers continue to partner with parishes and communities to assist people affected by Sandy, identifying those who still need help throughout the Archdiocese. For example, the storm presented a particular hardship for home-bound seniors on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, leaving them not only stuck in their houses but all alone as well... Read More

12/13/12 - Sadness Tempered by Solidarity - Cross Streets

Sadness tempered by solidarity are sentiments Sherise Alleyne, Disaster Case Management Supervisor in Middletown, NY, says she senses most among Hurricane Sandy victims. To bolster hurricane recovery efforts and team up with Catholic Charities Staten Island, she, along with dozens of fellow Catholic Charities NY staff and volunteers normally stationed north of Staten Island, make four-to-six-hour round trips from their offices to the flooded island... Read More

12/12/12 - Catholic Charities Piles Shopping Carts High at Second-Annual St. Nicholas of Westchester Shopping Day- Cross Streets

Equipped with wish lists from people in need, Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan and Deputy Westchester County Executive Kevin Plunkett raced down K-Mart aisles at 399 Tarrytown Road in White Plains with staff, family, friends and volunteers today, December 11, at the second annual St. Nicholas of Westchester (SNOW) shopping day event spearheaded by Catholic Charities Board of Trustees member Susan Salice. “How great it is to give up a couple hours to give people supplies they need to have a better holiday,” said Ms. Salice... Read More

12/11/12 - Celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on JustLove, Sirius XM Channel 129 - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on JustLove, the Catholic Charities radio program aired weekly on Sirius XM Channel 129...Also on this week’s show Tom Price, Senior Communications Manager at Catholic Relief Services, spoke about devastation Hurricane Sandy inflicted outside the tri-state area... Read More

12/11/12 - Seven for Sandy; Compassion Is Not Just a Word - Cross Streets

Educators are inspiring students, children are inspiring parents and together through the “Seven for Sandy” hurricane recovery campaign begun at Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School they are working to help those hardest hit by the super storm. “The mission of our school is compassion,” said Sr. Margaret Anderson, OP, Executive Board President of Newburgh Ministry, an affiliate of Catholic Charities, and Director of Guidance at the high school in White Plains... Read More 

 12/10/12 - MBX Systems Sponsors Donation Drive for Hurricane Sandy Survivors - Cross Streets

Parishes and communities within the Archdiocese of New York and beyond continue to show generosity toward their neighbors who are still rebuilding after Sandy. Donations from far and wide have helped with Catholic Charities’ disaster relief efforts, from funding emergency food and water for families and individuals on Staten Island and in Lower Manhattan to providing volunteers with supplies to clean out houses on Staten Island... Read More  

12/9/12 - Tour of Sandy-Damaged Staten Island Community Helps Catholic Charities Provide Individual Assistance - Cross Streets

After Sandy devastated the New York area, Father Robert Aufieri, pastor of Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, led Jeanne McGettigan, Catholic Charities Coordinator of Emergency Food Service, on a tour of the hard-hit South Beach area of Staten Island. During the visit, Ms. McGettigan and Father Aufieri viewed devastated houses and spoke with survivors to hear their stories first-hand... Read More 

12/8/12 - Meet Famed TV Chef Lidia Bastianich & Help Her Team Up with Catholic Charities to Benefit Hurricane Sandy Victims - Cross Streets

Lidia Bastianich, the famed television chef, cookbook writer and restaurateur – who was born in Pula, a city in Croatia that was then part of Italy – credits Catholic Charities for bringing her and her family from persecution to safety after World War II. Now she is partnering with Catholic Charities to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.... Read More 

12/7/12 - Catholic Charities and Empire City Casino Help Sandy Survivors Stay Warm This Winter - Cross Streets

As Christmas approaches and we prepare to celebrate the joyful holiday season, our thoughts remain with those affected by Sandy. So many families in the Archdiocese of New York were impacted by the hurricane, and money that would typically be spent on gifts is now needed to restore and repair homes or replace essential belongings that were destroyed in the storm... Read More 

12/6/12 - Catholic Charities Partners with Our Lady of Sorrows to Provide Personalized Disaster Relief - Cross Streets

Many New Yorkers are still experiencing great struggles during their recovery from Sandy. Catholic Charities continues to partner with parishes and local  communities to meet these long-term needs. At Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in Lower Manhattan, for example, Catholic Charities has initiated an extensive partnership. A Catholic Charities case worker is currently stationed there three days a week and there will soon be another in place for assistance on all weekdays... Read More 

12/5/12 - Empire City Casino at Yonkers Contributes $500,000 Toward Catholic Charities Sandy Response - Cross Streets

Over the past five weeks since Hurricane Sandy arrived, Catholic Charities has been leading parishes and communities in their ongoing recovery efforts.In addition to delivering food and crucial supplies to survivors on Staten Island and in Lower Manhattan, Catholic Charities has also arranged temporary housing for over 100 individuals and families on Staten Island and in Washington Heights... Read More 

12/4/12 - Catholic Charities volunteers wage battle to restore hurricane-ravaged bungalow - Cross Streets

Armed with hammers, crowbars and compassion, a troupe of volunteers joined forces with Catholic Charities last Friday, November 30, in their battle to restore a Staten Island bungalow ravaged last month by Hurricane Sandy.They included white-haired retirees who drove 25 hours from Montevideo, Minnesota, staff from Six Flags Corporate Office and neighbors from Midland Beach, a disaster zone slammed by last month’s super storm... Read More

12/3/12 - St. Martin de Porres Parish Teams Up with Catholic Charities to Mobilize Disaster Response - Cross Streets

Cleaning supplies are especially needed by victims of Hurricane Sandy.  So, as part of Catholic Charities Hurricane Response mobilization, St. Martin de Porres Parish hosted a “Clean-up Products” drive for Catholic Charities Community Services in Dutchess County.  Youth and adults organized donations and helped transport them to the Poughkeepsie Catholic Charities office... Read More

12/2/12 - In the Aftermath of Disaster, Volunteers Step Forward to Provide Help and Create Hope - Cross Streets

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, Catholic Charities Disaster Case Manager Dan Buzi led a team of 16 volunteers from Marist Campus Ministry to help a single pregnant mother recover after Hurricane Irene devastated her home last August.While the client had enough resources to tear down the plaster walls that had been destroyed through water damage, she had run out of funding and was unable to remove the debris from the living room and dining rooms... Read More

12/1/12 - Catholic Charities Vans Become Service-Centers-on-Wheels in Wake of Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

When Hurricane Sandy submerged entire communities, Catholic Charities sprang into action, turning agency vans into service-centers-on-wheels to fill gaps in services... Read More 

12/1/12 - Sisters of Charity remember Staten Island neighbors in time of need - Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - The Sisters of Charity of New York, who founded and/or staffed many of the Roman Catholic institutions on Staten Island, have given more than $24,000 in funds to aid Islanders in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. “The Sisters of Charity of New York have a long history of service to the people of Staten Island and the connections run very deep,” said Sister Jane Iannucelli, president of the Sisters of Charity... Read More 

12/1/12 - MBX Systems Collecting Items for Hurricane Sandy Victims - Libertyville Patch

Libertyville-based technology manufacturer MBX Systems is sponsoring a drive for donations to two charities to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. The company will be collecting supplies requested by the two charities through Dec. 12 in a 53-foot semi-trailer parked at the company’s headquarters at 1200 Technology Way (just south of the Libertyville Township Soccer Complex off Winchester Road)... Read More 

11/29/12 - Sandy Recovery: So Much Going On You Need a Road Map - Cross Streets

After Hurricane Sandy tore through Staten Island, visits to this, the least populated and accessible of all New York City’s five boroughs, have multiplied in ways not seen since the Verrazano Narrows Bridge connected it to the rest of the city... Read More 

11/29/12 - Donating DOs and DON’Ts; Click Here to Make Your Donations Count - Cross Streets

Waves of water pounded down both ends of the block when Roseann Harris, and her children, Richard, Robert and Rachel, floored the gas pedal on their cars to make their escape from Hurricane Sandy. When they returned the next day, they found their once-cozy, blue-sided home in to New Dorp, Staten Island ravaged by the super storm. Their son’s bedroom, family room, and laundry room in their once-finished basement were submerged from floor to ceiling...Read More

11/28/12 - Disaster Recovery is a Long Process: Catholic Charities is There for the Journey - Cross Streets

Only a month after Superstorm Sandy, families throughout the Archdiocese of New York are starting the long road to recovery. Once the immediate needs were met, the focus turned to getting survivors back on their feet and returning as much as they can to normal lives. A year after Hurricane Irene hit, there was still plenty of work to be done. On Make a Difference Day on October 27th, Catholic Charities Disaster Case Managers Dan Buzi and Salif Banse worked with two IBM volunteers to clean up branches and other yard debris that had been knocked over by Hurricane Irene from the homes of two senior women....Read More

11/27/12 - Volunteers and Staff Ignore Rotting Debris to Help Hurricane Victims Rebuild - Cross Streets

Donning face masks, work gloves and sheer determination, Catholic Charities staff worked with 24 volunteers it had mobilized to remove sheetrock, flooring and furniture in Midland Beach Staten Island homes destroyed by the super storm.They ignored smells of rotting food and sewage, said Damian Buzzerio, one of the Catholic Charities staff members who joined the crew, to stuff garbage bags with debris left from the Hurricane’s destruction....Read More

11/25/12 - Catholic Charities Staten Island Spearheading Hurricane Recovery Efforts - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities Staten Island has taken a leadership role partnering with nonprofit organizations to speed services and support to residents of this borough devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Joseph Panepinto, director of Catholic Charities Staten Island Services, said he’ll meet Nov. 27 with various nonprofits on the Island to assess available resources and needs in the community...Read More

11/24/12 - Waves Pounded the Block as Roseann Harris and Her Children Escaped Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

Waves of water pounded down both ends of the block when Roseann Harris, and her children, Richard, Robert and Rachel, floored the gas pedal on their cars to make their escape from Hurricane Sandy. When they returned the next day, they found their once-cozy, blue-sided home in to New Dorp, Staten Island ravaged by the super storm. Their son’s bedroom, family room, and laundry room in their once-finished basement were submerged from floor to ceiling...Read More

11/23/12 - From Budgeting to Business Help, Catholic Charities Connects Sandy Victims to Local Resources- Cross Streets

At the NYC Restoration Center on Staten Island, there are several social service providers available to offer assistance and information to victims of Hurricane Sandy. As the only Staten Island-based provider at the center, Catholic Charities plays an essential role in helping people get the information they need because its case workers are especially knowledgeable about local resources...Read More

11/22/12 - Thanksgiving Dinner for Those in Need: The More the Merrier - Cross Streets

Temperatures are dropping; thousands remain homeless and recovery needs from Hurricane Sandy are changing by the day. “Our main concern now is the weather getting cold again, “says Michael Neely, assistant to the director of Catholic Charities Staten Island. “We need to help people get through the week and somehow have a Thanksgiving to celebrate.”Read More

11/21/12 - This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Your Time - Cross Streets

With Thanksgiving upon us and Christmas arriving soon, many people’s thoughts turn to giving. While there are countless material items available for purchase, one present that lasts long after the holidays is the gift of your time. Catholic Charities has multiple volunteer opportunities that allow you to dedicate your talents to helping needy New Yorkers...Read More

11/21/12 - Day Laborers help Hurricane Sandy Victims - Cross Streets

Fifteen volunteers from Obreros Unidos De Yonkers, a group of day laborers in the Yonkers area served by Catholic Charities, accompanied Catholic Charities staff on Sunday, November 18, to help people in the New Dorp neighborhood in a Staten Island whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Donning work gloves and masks they responded to requests, moving from house to house to break down walls, remove crumbling sheet rock and pull out destroyed furniture...Read More

11/21/12 - Storm forges new bonds: Sandy-hit 'family' to share Thanksgiving dinner -

Nearly three weeks after Sandy left the New York area, victims are still struggling to rebuild their lives. On Saturday, November 17th, Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities New York, visited disaster recovery sites and Holy Rosary Parish on Staten Island to continue assessing ongoing needs and providing help to individuals and families...Read More

11/20/12 - 2 Staten Island nonprofits coordinating their efforts - Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. - Two nonprofit mainstays on Staten Island will spearhead efforts moving forward to provide everyday necessities to residents of the borough devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Catholic Charities Staten Island Services and the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation are joining to coordinate efforts to supply food, clothing, cleaning items and other materials to needy Staten Islanders, officials said Monday...Read More

11/20/12 - Manning the frontlines; Catholic Charities takes the forefront of Hurricane Sandy Relief - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities is manning the frontlines, going door to door and staffing newly established restoration centers to help those hurt by Hurricane Sandy. Staff are assisting at the New York City Restoration Centers now open every day, Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m in neighborhoods hardest hit by the super storm...Read More

11/18/12 - Cardinal Dolan Visits Sandy Recovery Centers on Staten Island as Archdiocese Continues Sandy Relief Efforts - Cross Streets

Nearly three weeks after Sandy left the New York area, victims are still struggling to rebuild their lives. On Saturday, November 17th, Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities New York, visited disaster recovery sites and Holy Rosary Parish on Staten Island to continue assessing ongoing needs and providing help to individuals and families...Read More

11/17/12 - Chased from their homes by Hurricane Sandy, families find shelter and safety. - Cross Streets

A father whose home in Midland Beach was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy sat in the main lounge of Mt. Manresa Jesuit Retreat House’s in Staten Island on November 7, the night of the nor’easter, watching out the window as his young daughter laughed and made snowmen with other children. Just over one week earlier, the dad huddled on his roof with his three young children while storm winds whipped around them and waves lapped their feet...Read More.

11/16/12 - People come to Catholic Charities to learn what can be done fast and what can be done now. - Cross Streets

Carlos Castro does not remember the last thing he saw before losing consciousness on March 7, 2003. He collapsed onto a sidewalk in Flushing, Queens, after one of the five attackers he had been fleeing stabbed him in his chest, shoulder and stomach...Read More

11/15/12 - Seeking Insight and Inspiration After the Turmoil Inflicted by Hurricane Sandy? Read this message from Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan. - Cross Streets

“The bad news is that the extent of the destruction from the storm seems wider and deeper each day,” Cardinal Dolan wrote in his November 13 blog post. “…The good news is that God’s people – you – rose to the occasion... Read More

11/13/12 - Catholic Charities Fans Out to Help New Yorkers in Need - Cross Streets 

Catholic Charities staff and volunteers fanned out this weekend across neighborhoods still reeling from the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Sandy. They provided information and resources to parishioners at churches in hard-hit neighborhoods in lower Manhattan and Staten Island and offered hands-on support to those still staggering in the hurricane’s aftermath... Read More

11/13/12 - Pregnant and Homeless, Teenage Mom Finds Help. Read her story in The New York Times. - Cross Streets

The New York Times Neediest Cases Campaign kicked off its 101st year of profiling the people Catholic Charities serves. Lataja James, 18, for example, planned to attend an all-expense-paid volunteer program in Nicaragua the summer before her senior year of high school. But when she went to her doctor for the required vaccinations, a simple blood test revealed that she was pregnant... Read More

11/12/12 - Hurricane Sandy turned lives upside down. Catholic Charities is helping return them back to normal. - Cross Streets

“A young mother came in yesterday … telling us that her bank account was depleted, she lost everything,” said Karen Reynolds, Catholic Charities regional supervisor for Westchester County, as she offered Catholic Charities service and support on November 9, 2012 at the newly opened Hurricane Sandy Recovery Center in White Plains... Read More.

11/11/12 - Recovering from Hurricane Sandy and looking for information and support? - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities staff will be available today, Sunday, November 11, 2012, to meet with parishioners and share resource information after mass at the following churches located in neighborhoods hard-hit by the hurricane... Read More.

11/11/12 - Hurricane Sandy Relief - CBS News

Click on the following links to donate to organizations that will aid the people you saw on 60 Minutes and others affected by Hurricane Sandy...Read More

11/09/12 - Live in Westchester County and Hurt by Hurricane Sandy? Check Out the County’s New Recovery Center and These Tips for Help - Cross Streets 

Catholic Charities, a partner in the Westchester County Long-term Recovery Coalition, took a lead role in opening a multi-purpose Hurricane Sandy recovery center in White Plains yesterday, November 8... Read More

11/09/12Stay at home moms feel loss after Sandy - Newsday

Newsday Westchester went to the FEMA staging area at the Westchester County Center in White Plains to speak with volunteers and victims of Sandy. Stay at home mothers spoke up about how they've been affected. (Nov. 9, 2012) Videojournalist: Elizabeth Daza Click to View Video

11/09/12 - Check out Fox 5 News live interview with Catholic Charities Executive Director and Find Out How You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

New Yorkers bearing bags filled with donations for Hurricane Sandy victims, 18-wheeler Coca Cola and Duane Reide delivery trucks and four-door cars stuffed with cleaning supplies lined up outside Fox News at 205 East 67 Street this morning... Read More

11/08/12 - Relief supply collections set for Monday -

SOUTHBURY AND DANBURY -- Connecticut transportation company DATTCO and Rich DiGirolamo, founder of the nonprofit, have teamed up to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New York City. Operation DATTCO Delivers will collect relief supplies at two locations Monday to benefit Catholic Charities of New York City. The runs had been scheduled for this week but were changed because of bad weather... Read More

 11/08/12 - Fox 5’s Good Day Cares Partners with Catholic Charities to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

Fox 5′s Good Day Cares is partnering with the Catholic Charities of New York to help people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Good Day New York is hosting a drive outside the Fox 5 building on Friday, Nov 9th beginning at 7 a.m... Read More

11/08/12 - Catholic Charities Mobilizes Disaster Response Despite Nor’Easter - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities persisted with its disaster-relief mobilization as a nor’easter whipped through the New York region yesterday, dumped a half-foot of snow and took a sucker punch at neighborhoods still reeling from the super storm’s destruction. Staff continued going door to door by foot and in the Catholic Charities Rusty Staub Mobile Food Pantry to hand out non-perishable food and cleaning supplies to people stricken by the storm. Catholic Charities, teaming up with FEMA and other first responders, is also manning disaster relief centers that are being established throughout the region...Read More

11/07/12 - Good Day Cares Hurricane Sandy Collection

Fox 5's Good Day Cares is partnering with the Catholic Charities of New York to help people whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
Good Day New York is hosting a drive outside the Fox 5 building on Friday, Nov 9th beginning at 7 a.m... Read More

11/07/12 - In Hurricane Sandy’s Wake; People’s Lives Left on Their Lawns - Cross Streets

Porcelain sinks and leather couches, family photos and TVs tumbled onto former housing lots where only brick staircases remain in Staten Island’s Midland Beach, the neighborhood slammed by the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath.  With temperatures dropping into the 30s, people burned kitchen chairs for warmth... Read More

11/07/12 -  Catholic Charities Establishes Relief Fund - Catholic New York

Catholic Charities has established a Sandy Relief Fund to meet the short- and long-term needs of those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. To designate your contribution for this fund, visit and indicate “Sandy Relief Fund” in the comments or text “SANDY” to 85944 to make a one-time $10 donation that will go directly toward immediate relief and long term recovery efforts. If you’d like to contribute your time volunteering to helping victims of the hurricane register online at Read More

 11/06/12 - Reach Out Now to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

As soon as Hurricane Sandy hit New York, Catholic Charities mobilized staff and coordinated with volunteers to reach out to people whose homes were flooded and livelihoods ruined.  Catholic Charities is serving meals to hungry New Yorkers, providing crucial supplies and hand delivering disaster relief information to communities, parishes and individuals, non Catholics and Catholics alike... Read More

11/06/12 - Have you been hurt by Hurricane Sandy and cannot return to your Section 8 apartment? - Cross Streets

If you have been permanently displaced from your Section 8 subsidized unit due to the effects of Hurricane Sandy, you may request and submit an emergency transfer form. Please be sure to include documentation from the Red Cross, the Fire Department, or a city shelter that confirms your unit or building is uninhabitable, so that we can process your request as quickly as possible. Please note that not all situations may be deemed an emergency. The Leased Housing Department will review each submission on a case by case basis.... Read More

11/06/12 - Catholic Charities Mobilizes Response to Hurricane Sandy - Cross Streets

Multi-prong approach pulls together staff and volunteers to serve those hardest hit.As soon as Hurricane Sandy hit the New York area, Catholic Charities volunteers and case workers took action. Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities New York, offered the agency’s help at an emergency shelter for hurricane victims at John Jay College and spoke with survivors on Staten Island. Msgr. Sullivan participated with Governor Andrew Cuomo in distributing emergency food at the New York City Armory on Saturday... Read More

11/04/12 - Trapped on the 14th floor by Hurricane Sandy, disabled woman receives crucial help - Cross Streets

Catholic Charities reached out to help.  Staff brought her grocery bags filled with canned vegetables, tuna, boxed milk, cereal and gift cards to the local Food Emporium.  She refused, however, offers to evacuate her.  Her water, off for four days was turned back on and she received electricity the following day... Read More 

11/04/12 - Feeding the Hungry After Sandy: Emergency Food Distribution in NYC - Cross Streets

On Saturday, November 3rd, Catholic Charities Executive Director Monsignor Kevin Sullivan participated with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Senator Chuck Schumer in the loading and distribution of emergency food at a New York City Armory in Manhattan. Catholic Charities staff and volunteers from around the city, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations, handed out emergency food and water to those suffering continuing hardships caused by Hurricane Sandy... Read More

 11/03/12 - Hurricane Sandy: Survivor Fact Sheet - Cross Streets

Affected by the storm? Resources are available to help you recover. Catholic Charities is working with local parishes and communities to provide help to New Yorkers recovering from the storm. If you need help and don’t know where to turn, call our toll-free number and we will guide you through the recovery process... Read More

 11/03/12 - Cardinal Dolan asks donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy - Staten Island Advance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, called for a special collection in the wake of Hurricane Sandy to be taken up at this weekend's masses throughout the Archdiocese of New York after witnessing the devastation first-hand on Staten Island... Read More  

 11/03/12 - Hurricane Sandy on Bikes in New York City -

The cleanup of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy continues, with many people getting desperate for food, shelter, gas, electricity and safety. Some of the best ways to help are through the Red Cross and Catholic Charities... Read More

11/02/12 - Cardinal Dolan sees heartbreak, hope in Sandy's wake - CNA/EWTN News

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s destructive passage across the East Coast, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York expressed his “solidarity in love and prayer with so many who are suffering.” Read More

10/31/12 - Disaster Relief for Hurricane Sandy: How to Give or Get Help - Cross Streets

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, people across the region are beginning the long road to recovery, dealing with the destruction and finding ways to help those in need ... Read More

10/30/12 - How to Help | Sandy Recovery - WNYC NPR

Are you able to assist in storm cleanup? Volunteer your nursing skills? We're keeping an updated list of how people can help... Read More