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This  newsletter details a variety of stories focused on the dynamic work we do throughout the Archdiocese of New York.

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2015 Help & Hope Newsletters

March Help and Hope 2015 Help and Hope March 2015
40 Days to Change Your World


2014 Help & Hope Newsletters

Help & Hope December 2014 Help and Hope December 2014
A Place at the Inn
Help & Hope October 2014 Newsletter Help and Hope October 2014
Trading Places: From Receiving Food to Giving Back
Help and Hope August 2014 Newsletter Help and Hope August 2014
Pope Francis Shares Tips for Happiness
Help and Hope July 2014 Helping Unaccompanied Children Recover Help and Hope July 2014
Helping Unaccompanied Children Recover
Help & Hope June 2014 Newsletter Help and Hope June 2014
Volunteers Criss Cross New York to Make an Impact!
Help and Hope May 2014 Help and Hope May 2014
Msgr. Sullivan's Guideline To The Lord's Prayer
Help and Hope April 2014 Help and Hope April 2014
Msgr. Sullivan's Special Easter Message
Help and Hope March 2014 Help and Hope March 2014
Why is Msgr. Sullivan Taking a Spiritual Selfie?
Catholic Charities Help and Hope Newsletter February 2014 Help and Hope February 2014
Pope Francis Addresses Inequality

Help and Hope January 2014 Help and Hope January 2014
 From Bangladesh to Beyond



2013 Help & Hope Newsletters

Help and Hope December 2013

Help and Hope December 2013
Our December Newsletter: Bringing Smiles to Children on Christmas

Help and Hope November 2013 Help and Hope November 2013 
Talking Turkey: Join Our Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign
Help and Hope October 2013 Help and Hope October 2013
Hurricane Loss and Rebirth: Catholic Charities Ties Them Together
Help and Hope September 2013 Help and Hope September 2013 
Msgr. Sullivan On The Memory Of Dr. King (Listen Now)
Help and Hope August 2013 Help and Hope August 2013
Catholic Charities Helps NYC Kids
Help and Hope July 2013 Help and Hope July 2013 
Watch Stories of Hope From Our Annual Gala (Video)
Hellp and Hope June 2013 Help and Hope June 2013
Cardinal Dolan Speaks on Immigration Reform
Help and Hope May 2013 Thumbnail Help and Hope May 2013
Cardinal Dolan Tours Orange County
Help and Hope April 2013 Help and Hope April 2013
Welcome Pope Francis: Read Cardinal Dolan's Message
Help and Hope March 2013 Help and Hope March 2013
You Can Create Hope This Easter
Help and Hope February 2013 Help and Hope February 2013 
Watch and Listen: Timothy Cardinal Dolan Speaks
Help and Hope January 2013 Help and Hope January 2013
Hurricane Sandy: How to Help Your Neighbors in the New Year


 2012 Help & Hope Newsletters

Help and Hope December 2012 Help and Hope December 2012
Hurricane Sandy: What You Need to Know to Get or Give Help
 Help and Hope November 2012 Help and Hope November 2012
Responding to Disaster, Hunger and Need
 Help and Hope October 2012 Help and Hope October 2012
Walking the Walk
 Help and Hope September 2012 Help and Hope September 2012
Surviving, Thriving and Giving Back
 Help and Hope Aug 2012 Help and Hope August 2012
Celebrating the Past; Preparing for the Future
 Help and Hope July 2012 Help and Hope July 2012
Celebrating Student Success
 Help and Hope June 2012

Help and Hope June 2012
Celebrating Student Success

 Help and Hope May 2012

Help and Hope May 2012
Community Garden Provides Healthy Food for the Hungry

 Help and Hope April 2012 Help and Hope April 2012
Volunteers Refresh a Harlem Community Center