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Hosted by Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, JustLove is a one-hour weekly interactive discussion exploring the Catholic community’s impact on American society. Featuring interviews with social ministry leaders, thinkers and doers, the program investigates the ideas that shape the Catholic social mission and the deeds that put this mission into practice throughout the country.

JustLove airs weekly on Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 5am EST on SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio on The Catholic Channel 129.

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I caught your program on XM today, the interview with Kerri Marmol of the Sant'Egidio Community …When your interview came on the radio today, I pulled over and parked to listen to it. I was happy I did, because the community sounds as good as I had imagined it would be. 

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Recent Episode 5-20-15 - Freedom of Press

This episode features three guests: Danielle Weisberg , Carly Zakin, founders of the Skimm and Vanessa Tucker, Vice President of Analysis at Freedom House. On the show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Vanessa Tucker about how her organization has been dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world since 1941. Msgr. Sullivan also speaks with guests, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, on their e-newsletter and their thoughts on today’s media landscape.

Recent Episode 5-16-15 - The Aftermath in Nepal

On JustLove Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Gary Edmond, President and CEO of Food for the Hungry about his organization helping those in Nepal. They also discuss combating hunger and the spread of foreign aid to Nepal. Also on the show is Fr. Boniface Tigga SJ, Regional Superior, at the Nepal Region of Patna Province of the Society of Jesus. They discuss Fr. Boniface's work helping those in need.

Recent Episode 5-9-15 - Empowering Boys of Color

On JustLove, Msgr. Kevin Sullivan speaks with those committed to improving life outcomes for all youth and especially African American males. On the show, Msgr. discusses with Rev. Jamal Bryant, pastor of the Empowerment Temple AME Church in Baltimore, about Freddie Gray and his church’s response. Also on the show is Chris P. Chatmon, Executive Director of African American Male Achievement for the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). They speak about his work with youth of color.

Recent Episode 5-2-15 - Raising the Minimum Wage and Base Pay for Employees
On this week's JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Maria Harley, VP of Operations at Gravity Payments and Rudy Lopez, Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice. On the show, Msgr. discusses with Ms. Harley about her company’s CEO, Dan Price, raising his employees' base pay to $70,000. With Rudy Lopez, Msgr. focuses on raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.

Recent Episode 4-25-15 - Pope's Environmental Encyclical & Climate ChangeOn this week's JustLove episode, Msgr. Sullivan focuses on the Pope's Environmental Encyclical and the environment. He speaks with Donald Brown, Professor at Widener University School of Law, on the topic of ethics and climate change. Also on the show is Henry Longbottom, Blogger for Green Jesuit. Longbottom speaks with Msgr. about the encyclical and his article, “Why I’d Rather be a Hypocrite Than a Cynic.” from The Jesuit Post.

Recent Episode 4-19-15 - Poverty & Social Status
What if everything you knew about poverty was wrong? That’s what Msgr. Sullivan investigates with Dr. Kathryn Edin, Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University in their discussion on JustLove. Msgr. Sullivan also speaks with Gregory Clark, Professor of Economics at UC Davis about “The Son Always Rises;” a book tracking social mobility in families over time.

Recent Episode 4-12-15 -  Politics -Then and Now
Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Michael Sean Winters, Columnist for the National Catholic Reporter, about the current political climate. Also on the show is Joseph R. Fornieri, Professor of Political Science at Rochester Institute of Technology. Msgr speaks with Professor Fornieri about President Abraham Lincoln.

Recent Episode 4-5-15 - Holy Week 2015
On JustLove Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Rev. Richard W. Wills, Sr., Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hampton about how Holy Saturday 2015 marks the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination. This week's JustLove also features David Gibson, National Reporter for Religion News Service.

Recent Episode 3-28-15 - Creating Beauty as the Work of Justice

Want to know what it means to create beauty as the work of justice? Then tune in to JustLove this weekend. Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Gonzaga University Professor Patrick T. McCormick and Diana Fogarty, Mural Artist at Splashes of Hope.  Diana Fogarty speaks with  Monsignor about transforming spaces, enriching environments and art therapy. Patrick T. McCormick talks with Msgr. on how beauty calls us to justice.

Recent Episode 3-21-15 - Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with JustLove. Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Charlene Espinoza, founder of the The Bosh Bosh Project. The organization works with volunteers who have substantial experience working in rural Liberia or other rural parts of Africa. Also on the show is Dr. Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security for the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Monsignor and Dr. Schirch discuss what initiatives can be taken to ensure women are a part of the peace building process.

Recent Episode 3-14-15 - Overcoming Obstacles in the March to Justice: Selma to Detroit

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Ascension Church’s Rev. Raymond Rafferty. They discuss overcoming obstacles in the March to Justice while touching on the films, Selma (2014) and Timbuktu (2014)-- highlighted in this year's academy awards.  Also on the show is Deputy Mayor of Detroit, Isaiah McKinnon. Msgr Sullivan speaks with him on Selma.

Recent Episode 3-7-15 - Catholic Near East Welfare Association ( CNEWA) & ISIS

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Msgr. John E. Kozar, President of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA). Also on the show is John L. Esposito, Professor Georgetown University. Both guests speak with Msgr. Sullivan on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- an extremist Islamist rebel group and current events surrounding the Middle East.

Recent Episode 2-21-15 - Fasting for Fast Food and Backing with the Saints

This week Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Sr. Mary Priniski, Chapter Prioress for the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the Adrian Dominican Sisters  about Fasting for Fast Food. Also on the show is Saint Louis University Professor, Belden Lane. They discuss backpacking with Saints.

Recent Episode 2-18-15 - Monsignor Sullivan Visits Jenny McCarthy

To kick off the Lenten season, Monsignor Sullivan speaks with celebrity, Jenny McCarthy, on her SiriusXM show about the significance of Lent.

Recent Episode 2-14-15 - Valentine's Day

 Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Rick Boosey, Founder of Kyya Chocolate about his sustainable and fair trade chocolates.Also on the show is Erika Anderson, Creator and Comandante of Army of Lovers. On the show, they focus on Valentine’s Day.

Recent Episode 2-7-15 - Developing Affordable Housing Options: Large & Small

On JustLove Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Carmen Guidi, Founder of Second Wind Cottages and Community Faith Partners. Also on the show is Greg Maher, Executive Director of the Leviticus Fund. Maher and Monsignor discuss the issue of affordable housing.

Recent Episode 1- 31-15 - Pro Football Players Giving Back

Msgr. Sullivan will be speaking with Reginald “Reggie” Grant, former New York Jets player about being a speaker, author and consultant in ESL and Bilingual Education. Msgr. Sullivan  also interviews Jeffrey Faine, former player for University of Notre Dame, Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about how The Faine House is preventing homelessness among former foster youth.

Recent Episode 1-24-15 - Feeding Our Neighbors

Msgr. Sullivan will be speaking with Walter Martin, one of our Feeding Our Neighbors volunteers, about digitally improving food pantries. Also on the show is Tristram Stuart, Founder of Feedback. Msgr. and Tristam will be discussing food waste.

Recent Episode 1-17-15 - Selma & the Civil Rights Movement

Msgr. Sullivan will be interviewing Joanne Bland, Owner of Journeys for the Soul about her first hand experiences with Selma and the civil rights movement. Also on the show is, Georgetown University Professor, Michael Kazin in this jam packed segment about the protest movement, Dorothy Day and the labor movement and Catholic social teaching.

Recent Episode 1-10-15 

This week on JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Kerry Robinson, Executive Director, The National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management about Pope Francis and the spirituality of simplicity in a complex world. Also on the show is Ryan Nicodemus, Blogger of talk about the blog and living a meaningful life with less.

Recent Episode 12/12/14 - Peaceful Protest and Police Reform

This weekend on JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Rev. Gregory Carl Chisolm, Pastor of  St. Charles Borromeo/Resurrection Chapel on peaceful protests.  Also on the show is Kami Chavis Simmons, Professor of Law at Wake Forest University about police reform. 

Recent Episode 12/6/14 - Social Justice and Service Projects

On the show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with  Fr. Eric Andrews, President, Paulist Fathers about the Union of Superior Generals and Campus Ministry. Also on the show is Susanne A. Chawszewski, Director of Campus Ministry at Saint Louis University about the University’s response to Ferguson.

Recent Episode 11/26/14 - St. Nicholas & a Commercial Christmas

On JustLove, listen in as Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Edward Hadas, Economics Editor of Reuters Breakingviews about the spirit of Christmas presents.  Learn more about St. Nicholas and a commercial Christmas.

Recent Episode 11/19/14 - Food Initiatives

On the show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Kaitlin Yarnall, Executive Editor of National Geographic about National Geographic’s food initiative. Also on the show is Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods. Msgr and Mr. Unanue speak about Goya Gives and their recent donation of 300,000 pounds of food to our Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign.

Recent Episode 11/12/14 - Films

Films Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Rev. Raymond M. Rafferty Ascension Church. Msgr. and Rev. Rafferty discuss the films Dead Man Walking staffing Susan Sarandon and Monsieur Vincent starring Pierre Fresnay and Aime Clariond. Also on the show is Gerry Straub, Documentary filmmaker and the Founder and President of Pax et Bonum Communications.

Recent Episode 11/7/14 - Post-Election Show – What’s Ahead

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with John Kennedy Blake, Writer/Producer of Msgr. and Blake discuss who controls the Senate and  the history of voter suppression in America. Also on the show is Ray La Raja, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Amherst and Founding Editor of The Forum. La Raja and Msgr speak about what might increase or decrease political polarization in the years to come.

Recent Episode 10/31/14 - Philanthropy & The New York City Marathon

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Patrick Rooney, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Research at Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. Rooney and Msgr. talk about  how can an organization create an emotional connection to its cause. Also on the show is Rusty McGranahan who will be running with Team Catholic Charities in Sunday’s TCS New York City Marathon.

Recent Episode 10/25/14Children in Crisis & Our Response

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Evelyn Mejil, Executive Director of Wynona's House Child Advocacy Center. They discuss how the center strengthens the safety net for children through community outreach, education, and prevention efforts. Also on the show is Judge Robert Holdman, Retired New York State Supreme Court Judge and General Counsel North America – West Legend Corporation/The Rilin Group. On the show, they talk about decreasing the incidence of child abuse in our society

Recent Episode 10/15/14 - One Human Family: Food for All Week of Action (Oct. 12 – 19th )

This weekend on JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with David Beckmann, President of Bread for the World. They discuss Bread for the World’s campaign against domestic and international hunger. Also on the show is Darcie Nielsen, Director of Live the Fast, Inc. Nielsen and Msgr. talk about Live the Fast’s online community and how it helps people grow in faith.

Recent Episode 10/8/14 - Confronting Poverty Nationally and Locally

This weekend on JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Brian R. Corbin, Senior Vice-President of Social Policy at Catholic Charities USA. They discuss how is Catholic Charities USA addressing the ongoing tragedy of Americans living in poverty.Also on the show is Karolina May, Director of Life Experience and Faith Sharing Association. Msgr. and Ms. May discuss how does the Life Experience and Faith Sharing Association work to empower those who are formerly homeless.

Recent Episode 10/4/14 Conversations on Judaism, Islam and Justice

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Rabbi Michael S. Miller, Executive Vice-President & CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC-NY). They discuss how Yom Kippur calls believers to “repair the world” and oppose oppression. Also on the show is Karima Bennoune, J.D., Professor of Law at UC Davis School of Law. Bennoune and Monsignor examine the recent  threats posed by groups like ISIS and the best approach governments can take to handle them.

Recent Episode 9/24/14 - Domestic Violence and Sports

On JustLove this week, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Joyce Mahoney, Program and Outreach Services Director of Harbor House. Msgr. and Joyce discuss the phenomenon of domestic violence, and how Catholic Charities agencies can be a first line of defense to help victims. Also on the show is Dr. Billy J. Hawkins, PhD, Professor of Sports Management and Policy in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Georgia. Dr. Hawkins and Msgr. discuss what role “sportsmanship” plays in today’s NFL in light of the recent controversies involving football players, Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Recent Episode 9/19/14 - The People’s Climate March – 9/21 NYC

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Patrick Carolan, Executive Director, Franciscan Action Network (FAN). Patrick and Monsignor will be speaking about Catholic participation in this Sunday’s People’s Climate March. Also on the show is Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Ph.D, Director, Center for Atmospheric Sciences at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC-San Diego and Member of Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Prof. Veerabhadran Ramanathan will be speaking to Msgr. Sullivan about the science of climate change.

Recent Episode 9/9/14 Combating ISIS and Confronting a “Slow Motion Genocide”

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with David Cortright, Director of Policy Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at University of Notre Dame. On the show, David Cortright and Msgr. Sullivan discuss what are the most effective means to counter the threats posed by ISIS. Also on the show is Auday Arabo, Esq., Spokesman of St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Diocese. Arabo and Msgr. Sullivan talk about the history of the Chaldean Church and community.

Recent Episode 9/4/14 - James Foley and Journalism in the 21st Century

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Ken Paulson, Dean, College of Mass Communication of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and President at the First Amendment Center. They discuss the ethics of banning graphic images online. Also on the show is David Gibson, National Reporter of Religion News Service.  Mr. Gibson and Monsignor discuss what constitutes “martyrdom."

Recent Episode 8/28/14 - Teachable Moments: Robin Williams, Depression & Addiction

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Fordham University Film Professor, Fr. Michael Tueth  about actors Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Also on the show is Thomas A. Hendrick Jr. , Director of Parents Support Network & Senior Program Officer & Founding Member The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. They discuss the connection between mental health disorders and addiction.

Recent Episode 8/14/14 - Bethlehem University Internship Program with CCUSA & Infectious Diseases

Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Brother Peter Bray, Vice Chancellor, Bethlehem University and Amjaad Musleh, Bethlehem University student and Catholic Charities USA intern. Also on the show is Dr. William Schaffner, Professor of Preventative Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Recent Episode 8/7/14 - 50th Anniversary: Mississippi Freedom Summer & Support for Persecuted Christians

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Dave Dennis, J.D., Civil Right Leader, Veteran of the Mississippi Freedom 50th  and  CEO of the Southern Initiative Algebra Project. They discuss what it was like to live part of Civil Rights history. Also on the show is Jerry Dykstra, Director of Media Relations at Open Doors USA. They talk about the services provided to persecuted Christians overseas.

Recent Episode 7/30/14 - USAID Faith Partnerships/ Hetrick-Martin Institute

On this week’s show, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speaks with Thomas Krever CEO of the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) and J. Mark Brinkmoeller Director of USAID Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives. Thomas Krever discusses the services of Hetrick-Martin and how it cares for at-risk and fringe-youth populations. J. Mark Brinkmoeller discusses how the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives aims to end poverty and promote civil society and security.

Recent Episode 7/25/14 - Unaccompanied Minors Program

On this week's show, hear Monsignor Kevin Sullivan speak with Margaret Martin, the Supervising Attorney of Catholic Charities Community Service's Unaccompanied Minors Program and its response to the recent border crisis. Also on the show is Hosffman Ospino, Assistant Professor of Theology and Education at Boston College, School of Theology and Ministry. On the show they discuss the emergence of multicultural parishes and how parishes are adjusting to in the increase of Hispanic parishioners.

Recent Episode 6/18/14 - Christian Persecution/ World Refugee Day

On this episode, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Candida Moss, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Also on the show is Elvis Garcia Callejas, , Catholic Charities Community Services Case Manager of the Unaccompanied Minors Program of New York.

Recent Episode 6/10/14 - Tangled Thread & Father's Day

On this week's JustLove episode, Sara Ziff of STZ Films talks about the issues facing workers in the fashion industry and her experience improving working conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh. Msgr. Sullivan also speaks with Brian Caulfield, Editor, Fathers for Good about his book, “Man to Man: Dad to Dad: Catholic Faith and Fatherhood.”

Recent Episode 6/3/14 - Inclusive Capitalism/ & the National Puerto Rican Parade

On JustLove, Msgr. Sullivan discusses the issue of wealth and income equality with  Dr. Joseph Blasi, J. Robert Beyster Professor of Employee Ownership at Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations. Also on the show is Lorraine A. Cortés-Vázquez, Chairperson of the Board of Directors National Puerto Rican Day Parade Inc., who discusses the parade and its service opportunities.

Recent Episode 5/28/14 - Africa Day/ Feast of Ugandan Martyrs & Human Trafficking

On this week’s show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Kim Pozniak, Catholic Relief Service’s Communications Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa on the organization’s work to rebuild peace in the region. Also on the show, is Sister Joan Dawber, member of the Sisters of Charity Halifax.

Recent Episode 5/21/14  - Honoring National Foster Care Month

On this week's show, Msgr. Sullivan speaks with Naomi Schaefer Riley, columnist and opinion writer for the New York Post. Also on the show, is Grace Poppe, Deputy Director of Social Services for Catholic Guardian Services.

Recent Episode 5/7/14 - Money and Chocolate & Mother's Day

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks Jim Nevels, Chairman, The Swarthmore Group and Chairman of the Board, The Hershey Company. Also on the show is Diane Vezza, a Mercy Center Bronx volunteer. Monsignor interviews her on teaching ESL classes at the center. 

Recent Episode 5/3/14  - Canonization & Christian Persecution 

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan celebrates the canonizations of Pope John XXIII and John Paul II with Kerry Walters who has written biographies on both popes. Also on the show is Gina Zurlo of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity about the ongoing Christian Persecution occurring throughout the world.

Recent Episode 4/19/14 Holy Week

This week Monsignor Sullivan celebrates Holy Week with Judy Coode, of Marynoll’s Office for Global Concern about their Stations of the Cross Procession in Washington DC and reflects on the significance of each station in today’s society. 

Recent Episode 4/12/14 Rwanda 20 Years Later

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan celebrates national volunteer week with Takouhi Mosoian, who was a Catholic Charities volunteer and now works in our Community & Social Development Department.  Also on the show is Immaculee Ilibagiza, a survivor of the 1994 Rwanda genocide and current author that speaks about how her faith helped her heal from the trauma experienced during the genocide.   

Recent Episode 4/5/14 Cesar Chavez

This week Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Paul Chavez, son of Cesar Chavez and current President of the Cesar Chavez Foundation about his father’s legacy, the new film currently in theatres, and the continued social work of the foundation. Also on the show is Patrick Carolan of the Franciscan Action Network who speaks about the Fast4Famlies national bus tour for immigration reform.  

Recent Episode 3/29/14 Thomas DiNapoli & Grace Institute

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with NYS Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, about his recent trip to Bangladesh to observe its garment industry conditions and also comments on the state’s current affordable housing trends. Also on the show is Shari Krull of Catholic Charities affiliated agency Grace Institute to speak about its involvement in the current Lean In movement and the many programs it offers women as Women’s History Month comes to a close.      

Recent Episode 3/15/14 Pope Francis and Russia & Ukraine Conflict

This week Monsignor Sullivan celebrates the one year anniversary of Pope Francis with Sr. Katarina Schuth of the St. Paul Seminary. Also back on the show is the Kroc Institute for Peace’s David Cortright who speaks about the crisis in the Ukraine and what it means for regional stability.  

Recent Episode 3/8/14 Lenten Season 2014 & Stan Grayson

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Kerry Webber of America Magazine about her new book “Mercy in the City” and corporal works of ministry we are all invited to do during this Lenten season. Also on the show Catholic Charities Trustee and former Deputy Mayor of NY Stan Grayson who speaks about his experience being an African-American student in the predominately white campus of Holy Cross during early 70s and also his thoughts on economic development in struggling communities.    

 Recent Episode 3/1/14 - Oscar Films & Lenten Season 2014

This week Monsignor Sullivan welcomes back Fordham University Film Professor Fr. Michael Tueth on the show to discuss this year’s best films as part of our Oscar Preview. Also on the show is Fr. Tom Ryan who is on to speak about the sacred practice of fasting as we prepare for the Lenten season.  

Recent Episode 2/22/14 President’s Day & Municipal ID cards for undocumented immigrants

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Robert Merry, author of “Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians”, about the American Presidency and how to evaluate former US Presidents. Also on the show is former Mayor of New Haven John DeStefano who speaks about his city’s Municipal ID Card initiative and the overall importance of welcoming immigrants to our country.    

 Recent Episode 2/15/14 Valentine’s Day

This week Monsignor Sullivan rings in Valentine’s Day with Brian Barcaro, founder of, about National Marriage Week and the concept of purposeful dating. Also on the show is Ralph Perez of Catholic Charities affiliated agency Create, Inc. about the recent media attention given to addiction, and how his agency helps those suffering from addiction recover their lives.   

Recent Episode 2/8/14 -The Importance of Sports

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Michael Bernard, PE Teacher at Villa Maria Academy in the Bronx, about a new Fitness Program CYO is administering throughout a number of schools. Also on the show is Catholic Charities’ own Joe Panepinto who is a former member of the US Olympic planning committee about the significance of the Olympic games. 

Recent Episode 2/1/14 Feeding Our Neighbors

This week as Catholic Charities Feeding Our Neighbor’s campaign is launched; Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Eric Munoz, of Oxfam America about the work he’s done in helping to create a global index that measures quality, accessibility and affordability of food. Also on the show is Triada Stampas of the Food Bank of NYC to speak about how the Farm Bill’s passing will hurt millions of Americans relying on SNAP benefits. 

 Recent Episode 1/25/14 - War on Poverty

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Sheldon Danziger, President of the Russell Sage Foundation about the 50th Anniversary of the War on Poverty to discuss what has worked and what can be improved upon in America today. Also on the show is John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter to talk about Pope Francis and what his comments on inequality and poverty means for Catholics.  

Recent Episode 1/18/14  - Decline of the Middle Class

JustLove is back for another year! In our first episode of 2014 Monsignor Sullivan speaks with the Pew Research Center’s Paul Taylor to discuss America’s income inequality crisis and some of the statistics behind what’s being called the “Lost Decade of the Middle Class” Also on the show is Thomas Sugrue of the University of Pennsylvania to discuss Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy towards economic equality. 

 Recent Episode 12/13/13  - Nelson Mandela and World Hunger

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Anthony Egan SJ of South Africa’s University of Pretoria about the life of Nelson Mandela and importance he plays throughout the world. Also on the show is development expert Tim Wall who returns to the program to speak about world hunger and the positive progress being made in this area.

Recent Episode 12/6/13  - Bangladesh and St. Nicholas

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with JustLove guest host George Horton about his recent fact finding trip in Bangladesh to learn more about the country’s garment industry. Also on the show is Adam C. English, author of “The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus” who joins the show to talk about the real St. Nicholas.

Recent Episode 11/30/13 - Thanksgiving Day 2013

This week Monsignor Sullivan celebrates Thanksgiving with two very special guests. Former NY Met legend Rusty Staub speaks about his charitable work with Catholic Charities and what Thanksgiving means to him. Also on the show is Henry Timms of 92Y who helped make #GivingTuesday come to life.

Recent Episode 11/23/13 - Adoption and Family

On this week’s show Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Emily Forham of Spence-Chapin about her agency’s adoption services to families and children as well as the changes happening in the adoption field. Also on the show is Professor Thomas Groome of Boston College to discuss the Vatican’s family survey in preparation for the upcoming synod in October 2014.

Recent Episode 11/16/13 - Philippines Relief & National Adoption Month

This week Monsignor Sullivan speaks with Tom Price of CRS about the horrible devastation in the Philippines and what people can do to help. Also on the show is Beth Finnerty of Catholic Charities Agency: Cardinal McCloskey Services about their programs and services as we reflect on National Adoption Month.

Recent Episode 11/9/13 - Dorothy Day, Catholic Worker Movement and 
President John F. Kennedy's Assassination

With Monsignor Sullivan away this week, George Horton fills to speak with two special guests that both commemorate two important events for American Catholics. Robert Ellsberg, publisher of Orbis books, speaks about his memories of working alongside Dorothy Day as the Catholic Worker Movement celebrates 80 years. Also on the show is historian David J. O’Brien who reflects on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination in Dallas.