Catholic Charities Thanks Our Volunteers

CC VISTA Volunteers organize a recognition event for Catholic Charities Volunteers.

2009-10 Civic Corps VISTA volunteers, Ashley Gambone (far left) and Elaine Israel (far right) pictured above at their VISTA graduation, organized a Volunteer Recognition event to celebrate Catholic Charities volunteers in the program they helped organize.

Ashley and Elaine finished their year of volunteer work last week. We wish them both good luck in their next endeavors!

August 3, 2010

On July 29, Catholic Charities staff celebrated the work that is done by our dedicated volunteers throughout the agency.

The celebration was organized by our 2009-2010 VISTA Civic Corps volunteers, Ashley Gambone and Elaine Israel, who spent the year enhancing the scope and capacity of the Catholic Charities volunteer program.

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, executive director of Catholic Charities, thanked the VISTAs, along with the more than 30 attendees who serve as volunteers for various Catholic Charities programs including the Guild for the Blind, Refugee Resettlement, our Bronx thrift store, the Midnight Run, and the Junior Board, among others.

“Our programs have been enhanced tremendously by you, and the efforts that you have made,” said Sullivan.

In addition to Gambone and Israel, Maria Rivera was specially thanked, who has served as a volunteer for our Bronx thrift store for 38 years. Other volunteers in attendance at the event included Philomena Allen, Shukree Banks, Ataur Bhujian, Mary Kate Burke, Sally Cahur, Celania Capellan, Shauna Campbell, John Crawford, Dex Della Rosa, Ryan Dougherty, Jason Dupuis, Pilar Fernandez, Lauren Grayson, Grellan Harty, Miranda Ho, Patricia Holman, Marie Kittelstad, Marlene Levine, Nana Mansah, Maria Rosa Mora, Kathryn Nogel, Maria Pagano, Susan Parker, Megan Peters, Patricia Quinn, Eva Rodriguez, Berit Rundquist, Bill Selby, Clifton Smith, Taisha Williams, Martin Winter, Bob Young, Kevin Wells, and Decem Wong.