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Protecting and Nurturing Children and Youth

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Feeding the Hungry and Sheltering the Homeless

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Strengthening Families and Resolving Crisis

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Supporting the Physically and Emotionally Challenged

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Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

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Protecting and Nurturing
Children and Youth

In any given year...

355 children adopted by loving families


children enjoying summer camps
5,499 children and teens  placed in safe foster care
26,292 youth in wholesome sports
5,478 children growing and learning in day-care
5,314 youth participating in sound after-school programs


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Day Care Summer Camps
Foster Care Community Centers
Adoption Preventive Services
After School / Out of School Time Activities  

If you need help in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help line at: 888-774-7900

Day Care Programs

Day care programs, including Head Start, in a family setting or at a community center, provide a nurturing daytime environment for children, allowing parents to work or go to school. Supervisors and day care providers complete rigorous safety and child-care training programs, and are licensed only after intensive background checks.

Family Day Care Programs

These programs support and strengthen family life by matching families with carefully screened day care providers who will care for children in their own homes. Day care provider homes are evaluated for safety and monitored on a regular basis to ensure that children are cared for in a safe environment.

Center Based Day Care

These programs provide day care with the help of compassionate, caring teachers and day care workers in a safe community setting. The activities in these programs aim to promote and enhance the social, physical, cognitive and emotional growth and development of all children. Indoor and outdoor activities are provided in accordance with the recommended Department of Health day care guidelines. Play activities such as arts and crafts, and drawing and coloring are planned to foster children's socialization skills and promote positive self-esteem.

Head Start Programs

Head Start offers educational programs for children age three to five, and a wide variety of opportunities and support services for their families. Each site offers a safe, caring environment where both children and parents come to learn, grow and achieve. Every Head Start program is absolutely free.

To find a Catholic Charities day care provider please click here.


Foster Care

Catholic Charities agencies are the major providers of high quality foster care throughout the Archdiocese of New York.

Foster Boarding Home Programs

Foster boarding home programs provide a temporary family-living situation for children who have families unable to care for them, or while they await permanent placement with an adoptive family. In situations where there is court-determined evidence of abuse and neglect, children are removed from their families and temporarily placed in foster boarding homes. Foster parents are screened and certified, and have completed a comprehensive 30-hour training program addressing issues like separation and loss, shared parenting, behavior management, positive discipline, and permanency planning.

Therapeutic Foster Boarding Homes

Therapeutic foster boarding homes are family-based alternatives to institutional treatment for children with serious emotional, behavioral, and/or other challenging conditions. Therapeutic foster parents care for the most challenging children in the foster care system and are expected to persevere despite intense behavior and the stress placed on the therapeutic foster family. For this reason, frequent home visits, respite services, and emergency on-call services are always available to program participants.

To find Catholic Charities agencies that can help you become a foster parent please click here.


Adoption Services

All children deserve a loving, committed, safe, and permanent family. Catholic Charities agencies are committed to reuniting children who are in foster care with their biological families whenever it is safe and appropriate; however, when working with some families proves unsuccessful, efforts are made to secure an appropriate adoptive family so the child can grow up in a stable, secure, and loving environment.

To find Catholic Charities agencies that can help you become an adoptive parent please click here.

Mother Child Residences

Mother Child programs help mothers, usually aged 14 to 21, set and achieve educational and personal goals while teaching them how to properly care for their babies. A girl who has spent most of her life in the foster care system and becomes a mother as a teenager urgently needs a support system including the teaching of vital parenting skills - both for her sake and her child's.


After School / Out of School Time Programs

After school and out of school time programs ensure that children, youth, and families have access to high quality activities and opportunities during non-school hours. These programs offer a balanced mix of academic support and sports and recreation, as well as the arts and cultural experiences. Programs vary, but most have trained staff, familiar with the strengths and needs of young people.

To find a Catholic Charities After School / Out of School Time Program please click here.


CYO Sports and Youth Programs

Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) division supports and coordinates parish-based youth programs - spiritual, cultural, and athletic - that foster the growth of each young person. Best known for it sports programs in which more than 10,000 youth participate each year, CYO also supports parish Teenage Federation groups, as well as art, essay and oratorical contests.

Watch a video about the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

To find out more about CYO Sports and Youth Programs please call 212-371-1011 ext. 2065 or click here.

Youth Retreats

Catholic Charities retreat centers provide youth and young adults with opportunities to develop their spiritual lives. These retreat centers draw upon and develop the innate talents that young people possess which enable them to exercise their skills as a responsible Christian. Through these retreat experiences, young people and their adult leaders grow in their sense of community in the Church.

To find out more about Youth Retreats please call 845-452-1400 ext. 4201.

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Programs

Girl Scout and Boy Scout programs are offered at parishes throughout the Archdiocese. Each year more than 22,000 youth participate as scouts supported by more than 9,000 volunteer leaders. Affiliated with the National Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, this program reinforces religious values of our faith when living out the principles of scouting and participating in scout activities.

The Archdiocese of New York Catholic Committee on Scouting is a volunteer committee affiliated with the Archdiocese of New York Youth Ministry through Catholic Charities.

For more information please visit the NY Catholic Scouts website. external link

Summer Camps

Catholic Charities agencies operate affordable summer camps for both city and suburban families in which children are provided with opportunities to develop physically, socially, and spiritually through day camping programs. Traditional summer camp programs as well as day camp opportunities are also available for children with special needs.

To find a Catholic Charities Summer Camp please click here.


Community Centers

Community Centers foster and promote the positive development of children, youth, their families and other adults by providing and hosting various wholesome activities. All of the Centers are multi-service Centers, with gyms and auditoriums that offer programs for children, teenagers and adults within their neighborhoods. The Centers are open seven days a week. Each Center develops specific programs to meet the needs of their local community.

To find a community center please click here.


Preventive Services

Catholic Charities agencies operate preventive services programs in collaboration with New York City and New York State. The programs help families struggling with substance abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, and/or mental health needs, as well as families overwhelmed by poverty or the demands of caring for special needs children. While helping families to cope with their problems, the caseworkers at these programs also monitor the safety of the children and counsel parents in caring for them.

To find out which Catholic Charities agencies provide preventive services click here.

Crisis Centers and Services

The most well known and successful crisis centers and respite services for homeless and runaway youth are operated by Covenant House throughout the world. Covenant House / Under 21 in New York, a Catholic Charities affiliate, runs the Crisis Center, an emergency shelter for homeless youth under the age of 21. This service is open 24 hours a day, everyday.

Youth are assigned a caseworker to help them rebuild their lives. Family reunification is the first approach, if possible. For those youth with no place to go, this program is designed to assist them towards independence. Residents generally stay up to 30 days and then referrals are made to long-term transitional living programs, such as Covenant House's Rights of Passage Program. The Crisis Center also has special programs for clients who are suffering from a mental illness and/or substance-abuse issues, and special placement options are available for such youth. A separate Mother/Child Crisis Center is available for homeless adolescent mothers and their children, with an on-site nursery. Approximately 250 people are served daily at the Crisis Center.

To find out about any of the crisis programs, please call (212) 613-0300.

Child Abuse Hotline

If you believe that a child is in immediate danger, call 911 or your local police department.

Child Abuse & Neglect external link
(Abuso y Negligencia Infantil)

Helpful Websites and Hotline Numbers

Abandoned Infant external link
(Infante Abandonado)

Adult Protective Services external link
(Servicios Protectivos para Adultos)
1-800-342-3009 (dial 6)

Domestic Violenceexternal link