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Protecting and Nurturing Children and Youth

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Feeding the Hungry and Sheltering the Homeless

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Strengthening Families and Resolving Crisis

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Supporting the Physically and Emotionally Challenged

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Welcoming and Integrating Immigrants and Refugees

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Strengthening Families and
Resolving Crises

In any given year...

5,871 families supported to stay together
7,713 individuals helped with emergency financial assistance
54,157 individuals connected to resources
24,526 individuals engaged in counseling
6,393 individuals helped with job training and placement
1,344 women helped during unplanned pregnancies

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If you need help in finding the services you need please call the Catholic Charities Help line at: 888-744-7900.

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Information and Referral

The Catholic Charities Help Line provides accurate and timely information to people seeking help for any type of human service need. Bilingual staff will assess the caller's need, provide information about assistance that is available, and refer the caller to those services. Our trained, knowledgeable staff can provide information about services provided through Catholic Charities agencies, Catholic parishes, and other human services organizations and public benefit programs. If they don't know the answer to your questions they will research it and get back to you. In this day and age of automated voice messages and endless menu options, the Catholic Charities Help Line allows you simply to speak with a live human being who will actively respond to your needs in order to provide the help you seek.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers information and referral services click here.

Coordinating Services

Catholic Charities provides compassionate and coordinated help from high quality, knowledgeable professionals to assist individuals and families to deal with multiple, overlapping problems and negotiate bureaucratic red tape. Sometimes, this can mean the difference between getting the help needed and simply giving up. When faced with an eviction notice, the declining health of an aging parent, recovery from a flood, or other difficult problem, it is easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed trying to navigate the very systems that are supposed to help.

The assistance provided by Catholic Charities can take many forms: a recent immigrant can be provided with legal services in order to obtain work authorization; an unemployed new mother can be enrolled in resume writing and interview skills workshops; a father seeking to reunite with his children in foster care can take parenting skills classes, and this is only to name a few of the many opportunities Catholic Charities can assist in finding in order to help strengthen individuals and families.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers coordinating services click here.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is one tool used by case managers in the process of stabilizing families in crisis. Catholic Charities uses both public and private funds to help families in need. Financial Literacy Classes help low to moderate income people manage their financial lives by learning skills to set financial goals, manage time, prioritize needs and budget properly.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers financial assistance click here.


Catholic Charities provides counseling services to address emotional and behavioral difficulties that can negatively impact people's lives. Problems like marital issues, facing the challenge of raising children, caring for the elderly, or dealing with a significant loss can impair a person's ability to help themselves. Support is offered to people with a range of needs, from job and family-related stress, to anxiety and/or chronic and serious disturbances. Individual, couple, and family counseling is available to help with difficulties including depressed or anxious feelings, troubling behaviors, life changes, trauma, and relationship issues.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers counseling click here.


Maternity Services

Catholic Charities Maternity Services programs reach out with compassion to women in unplanned pregnancies and women with infants by giving them the resources, counseling and training they need to build strong, responsible families. Confidential counseling, medical care, housing assistance, parent education, and infant care classes are available throughout the Archdiocese. Residential programs offer a safe, nurturing environment and a comprehensive range of support services to assist teens and young mothers throughout their pregnancies. A woman is supported in her decision to either raise the child herself or plan for adoption. For those women who have chosen the life-affirming plan of adoption, support is available throughout the emotional and practical aspects of this process.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers maternity services click here.

Job Readiness and Placement

It is our belief at Catholic Charities that work affirms human dignity and a decent job is the most effective way for a person to achieve stability of income and housing. For those who have been jobless for extended periods of time, or for a young person entering the world of work for the first time, it is often difficult to know where to begin.

Catholic Charities has developed various employment training and placement programs geared to the specific needs of the homeless, refugees and the visually impaired. Specialized Youth Employment and Training services are offered to those that are out of school, aging out of foster care, or otherwise vulnerable. Services include job skills, GED, vocational training, and job placement. We help individuals to develop the concrete skills, experience and confidence needed for long-term self-reliance.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers job readiness and placement services click here.


Preventive Services

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment and Support

Catholic Charities treats and supports those who are struggling to break the cycle of substance abuse. Far too often, substance abusers affect their families, homes, careers, and their health in ways that hurt others, as well as themselves. These programs are designed to touch all stages of the recovery process in order to assist an individual to become a functioning human being once again, so they can take full advantage of the precious gift of life. Programs range from outpatient clinics and support groups to in-patient recovery programs. Support is also available to family members.

To find a Catholic Charities agency that offers preventive services click here.